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Stationery and General Supplies

Buy or upgrade printers that perfectly match all your printing needs.

Kamoso Web Group ( PTY) LTD supplies all types of stationery nationwide. In today's modern office environment, Whether you’re looking to upgrade printers, we offer tailored solutions that meet your budget and needs. Our consultations — for home or business – are complimentary and personal because we know what you want to print is important for you, Contact us before you go on printer shopping spree for a free printing office assessment.

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For all your stationery requirements, both office and school kindly contact our sales team and we will gladly assist you on your request.

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Some Of Our Recoginised Brands

This are some of our brands that we supply our customers on a daily basis, for more kindly contact us.

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Physical Address

54 Dekorte Street, Aspern House
Johannesburg, 2001


Mobile No: 072 048 1675
Tel.No: 081 484 9977
Fax: 086 439 8574

Our Services

IT Sales and Support
Office Stationery and General Supplies
Supply of Cleaning Materials.

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