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Networking and Cabling Solutions

Sharing information and devices makes a good working environment.

Our Networking Team Offers the Following 

Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.

The speed and reliability of any network is vastly influenced by having quality network cabling installed by experienced installers. This is a specialized area that is often overlooked even though it is one of the most critical factors of your network. We have vast experience in the area from small 5 user networks to large scale enterprise installations consisting of thousands of points.

Kamoso Web Group also supply and install cabinets, raised flooring, fire suppression, CCTV and access control. We often partner with leading experts across the board for specialized installations, while providing our clients with a fully managed project and implementation plan to meet tight deadlines.

Cabling - Fibre Optic

Kamoso Web Group install new network cabling, repair an existing network infrastruture, Thus include voice and data cabling, relocation of servers and internet and IT infrastructure.

Fibre optic wires are becoming a favourite among companies looking to keep up with modern times and install computer infrastructure that will make their network extremely fast, reliable and efficient. It carries many benefits over traditional network cables, but is not always necessary in every situation. If your office network is small and relatively straightforward, traditional cables are sufficient. Fibre optics become necessary when your ICT networks are large and need to incorporate many devices without fail.
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Installation of Wireless Network

We supply advanced Wireless Network Services and wireless installation (wifi installation) to both Home and Offices. We only install top of the range Wireless equipment like wireless boosters, wireless access points etc.

The flexibility that wireless networks provide when it comes to the free movement of devices cannot be measured. It makes for easier communication and a more responsive work environment where anyone can work anywhere within the range of the network.

Contact Kamoso Web Group today to discuss how we can turn your business around and make your IT network future proof with quality Wi-Fi solutions.

Voice Infrastructure

Voice infrastructure is an essential part of the communication network in any business and can streamline day to day operations. Without it, your business process would be constantly interrupted. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality communication infrastructure in place.

Kamoso Web Group will assess your needs for voice infrastructure and will install the necessary cables, telephones, switchboards and other related equipment to make sure your office communicates effectively and without interruption, thus enabling your employees to focus on their jobs.

CCTV Installation

Kamoso Web Group, installs and maintains CCTV solutions that are fit for the purpose you intend. Based in Gauteng Province, our network of engineers reaches across other provionces in our country South Africa. Whether it is a relatively modest or a high end state of the art solution, our systems are only specified after we have fully determined your needs with a thorough Security Risk Assessment.
Whatever your application, and wherever you are in any province, Kamoso Web Group CCTV solutions provide outstanding performance and value to help you achieve your security objectives, Contact Us Today.

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